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As a Hydrostatic Requalifier formal training is required to perform your job.  Here at PSI-PCI we have an instructor on staff that can provide the requalifier training you need in conjunction with the ONLY training for visual cylinder inspection that is recognized, endorsed and utilized by cylinder manufacturers and recognized by the USDOT and Compressed Gas Association.

Myles TenBroeck, President

American Cylinder and Safety, LLC

PSI-PCI is proud to partner with American Cylinder and Safety, LLC to provide comprehensive training for cylinder re-testers and retesting facilities.  This training is designed to both prepare facilities for their initial DOT Certification and also as periodic refresher training and function specific training for new employees.  The training class is conducted over a three day period and is designed to be held at your facility in order to take advantage of familiarizing students with the actual equipment they are working on.  The biggest advantage is we tailor the training to fit your company and employees needs.  We will discuss cylinders and regulations that are specific to your company, and focus on the cylinder specifications that impact your company.  This training is designed to be conducted over a 2.5 to 3 day (or longer if requested) period and prepares your facility for certification and potential surprise DOT audits by covering all required training.  Now you don't have to take time out to travel for this training.  We can come to you!  Contact Myles for more information:

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Phone: 808-343-6594

Training Includes:

Required Hazmat Training
•    General Awareness and Familiarization
•    Function Specific (regulations/documents/Industry rules and regulations)
•    Safety
•    Security Awareness

Hydrostatic Facility Operational Training
•    Understanding the theory of hydrostatic cylinder testing
•    Proper test procedures
•    Correct record keeping requirements
•    Daily verification operation
•    Troubleshooting

Visual Cylinder Inspector Training and Certification

Eddy Current Training and Certification

Special Permit/Exemption Familiarization

What to expect from a DOT Surprise Inspection

Proof Pressure Testing Training (Optional)