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PSI, Inc. (Professional Scuba Inspectors), also now known as PCI, Inc. (Professional Cylinder Inspectors, Inc.) or together as PSI-PCI, was formed in 1982. Affiliate cylinder inspector instructors are located in more than 10 countries. Hundreds of hands-on visual inspector courses, training thousands of students, are conducted each year. Training may be accomplished in person when available or via our Interactive Virtual Training (IVT).

Since 1985 PSI-PCI has been the only agency for this training that is formally endorsed, utilized and referred to by the cylinder manufacturers; and recognized by law and rule making entities such as USDOT, TC and Compressed Gas Association. 

We train astronauts, ocean scientists and the teams that support them!  We have consistently, and with integrity, served the diving (SCUBA), fire fighting (SCBA), hydro re-testing and other industries involved with high pressure cylinders providing the most current information available regarding cylinder inspection and safety.

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PSI-PCI, Inc. Visual Cylinder Inspection courses compile the training standards of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Compressed Gas Association (CGA), and Transport Canada (TC). It meets compliance requirements for U.S. Hazardous Materials Training (high-pressure air and other gases are classified as hazardous materials) required of all employees exposed to the potential hazards of pressurized air. Specifically the training meets the federal requirements for "General awareness/familiarization training and function specific training, safety training and various other topics required of CFR 49 Title 172.704.

PSI-PCI also has available the quality tools you need to do a proper, compliant cylinder inspection.

About The Principles

PSI-PCI, Inc. founder William (Bill) L. High, a marine scientist living in greater Seattle, Washington, began diving in 1955 and has maintained a constant involvement with the many facets of underwater science, diver equipment, education and training. He led four extended saturation undersea laboratory teams (Tektite, Hydrolab, FLARE, Helgoland) and directed operations of five major deep submersible diving programs. He personally trained over 8,000 persons in basic or specialty diving skills and over 2,000 visual cylinder inspectors. He maintained a parallel career as a Emergency Medical Technician, Diving Medical Technician, hyperbaric chamber supervisor, and emergency room medic.

Bill High served as the first NOAA Diving Coordinator, Vice President of the Underwater Society of America, and President of the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI). He is the recipient of numerous industry honors including NOGI Awards for Science, Sports and Distinguished Service, the Greenstone Award, PADI’s Outstanding Achievement Award, NAUI's Hall of Honor, NAUI Lifetime Achievement Award, DEMA's Reaching Out Award and International Diving Hall of Fame. Bill is the only living recipient of 3 NOGI awards!

Bill researched and developed the technical training program for inspection of selected high-pressure cylinders consulting with experts in the pertinent fields of study, metallurgy and closely with cylinder manufacturers. His devotion to life support cylinder safety influenced the gas industry throughout North America and at various international locations. 

Bill and MarkPSI-PCI continues today with owner Mark A. Gresham as President & CEO. Mark apprenticed with Bill for over 12 years prior to taking over the company upon Bill's "semi-retirement" and today is widely considered the world's foremost authority on cylinder inspection requirements and cylinder safety.

Mark is co-author with Bill on the 5th Ed. of Inspecting Cylinders.  He was instrumental in the development of the Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician and Valve Repair Technician courses working closely with industry experts throughout the process. He is also working closely with cylinder manufacturers to develop inspection standards of specific cylinders.

Mark teaches worldwide and can be counted on by PSI-PCI Inspectors to provide on the spot support with questions and consultations. He continues to work with the governing authorities and cylinder manufacturers to stay up to date and provide professional consultation with regard to high pressure cylinders. He has helped establish inspection standards in countries where none exist.  Mark is one of the strongest advocates for high pressure cylinder safety and training in the world today.

Persons seeking more information about cylinder inspections and fill station operational safety are invited to contact PSI-PCI, Inc. at staffThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., U.S. telephone 425.398.4300.  Our hours of business operations are Monday through Thursday, 9am - 5pm and 9am - 2pm Friday (Eastern).  Mailing address:  1183 University Dr., Ste. 105-226, Burlington, NC 27215.