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What decade are you operating in? 

One of the best features of the PSI-PCI version of the visual cylinder inspection sticker which we call "Evidence of Inspection" stickers (EOI) is that they have a single digit for the year notation for the date of inspection.

There must be a plethora of misinformation making the rounds on SCUBA and dive blogs because our phone and email have been inundated with questions about this. 

In the dive industry most people are used to seeing double digit year notations and therefore believe that it is a requirement that the year be shown on stickers in the two digit format.  But there is no rule requiring this. In fact there is no legal requirement to apply a "vip" sticker at all, it is just a dive industry accepted practice. 

The format of the PSI-PCI EOI Stickers maintains their longevity and validity since we chose from the very beginning to show the year in a single digit.  PSI-PCI Inspectors appreciate this practice because they do not have to buy new batches of "vip" stickers every few years because a full year date is shown. 

However, this should not cause confusion because an astute, properly trained FSO or cylinder handler will be aware of several things that will allow them to know specifically what year is noted on the PSI-PCI EOI sticker, including the biggest clue, the hydro-requalification date.

The only thing that expires for PSI-PCI trained inspectors is their training window.  As long as they remain current with their PSI-PCI training (which is established by Federal regulations as every 3 years), the properly marked visual inspection stickers they present will be considered valid and meeting standards.  

If you have questions on this issue, please feel free to contact us!