Your Cylinder Safety Solution ®

PSI-PCI is conducting Visual Cylinder Inspection® and Specialty Courses training via live Interactive Virtual Training (IVT).  We will conduct the Visual Cylinder Inspection® and supporting specialty cylinder training courses remotely via online meeting tools and conduct the hands on with pre-arranged inspection tool options to meet Federal requirements for the Certification.  Some instructors may offer the basic tool sets as "loaners" or offer tools/training packages.

At a minimum the new VCI student will need to have the basic hand tools and two empty cylinders to inspect:

Flexlight, Pick Ended Probes, Welt Probe, Master Pit Reference Plate, 2x Magnification Mirror, and Thread Brush plus an internal inspection light.  

A PSI-PCI Valve Maintenance Tool kit provides the tools needed for the Valve Repair Technician program.  

You can visit the Course Schedule page for posted classes. Contact the individual affiliate instructor for additional details for their listed course for information on tools provided, etc.  The contact info for all these instructors will be found in the Meet Our Instructors link in the left sidebar.  

Eric Anderson (AB, Canada)

Darrin Barker (AB, Canada)

Gene Battaglia (FL)

Mauritius Bell (CA)

Rob Bleser (see Steve Campbell)(FL)

Paul Boissinot (QC)

Mark Brooks (IN)

Steve Campbell (FL)

Keith Chesnut (NV)

Matthew Crawford (GA)

Jon Ehm (HI)

Jay Elson (NM)

Phil Graf (SC)

Mark Gresham (NC)

Rodolfo Guillen (CA)

Dave Hinkle (VA)

Dan Knauss (CA)

Rick Kruzel (OH)

Michel Labreque (QC)

Vassilis Michaelides (Cyprus)

Carlos Penaherrera (Spanish)

Phillip Rexinger (CA)

Brian Rickman (GA)

John Rice (CA)

Steve Riddle (CA)

Keith Sharp (AR)

Lori Sherrill (CA)

Michael Steidley (FL)

Greg Such (WI)

Bob Taylor (CA)

Myles TenBroeck (TX)

Ralph Viscusi (FL)

Greg Weiss (ON)

Dave Zappala (FL)

Rudy Wittwer (Japan)

Andrew McClellan (ON)

Jason Anderson (NE)

We look forward to working with you to help you receive the training you need whether in person as afforded by regional requirements or via the web.  Contact PSI-PCI HQ or one of the listed authorized IVT Instructors above for further information.  Their contact info can be found under their name on the Meet Our Instructors page.