Your Cylinder Safety Solution


With nearly 40 years experience focusing on our core business, PSI-PCI, Inc. offers the most trusted, comprehensive, recognized and up to date technical training in the world today for inspectors of SCUBA, SCBA and certain other high-pressure cylinders.

Technicians who frequently work with cylinders and educators who train people to use these cylinders should receive this formal training. PSI-PCI classes are open to all persons age 18 and older.

This full day course will teach individuals about cylinders and their make up.  They will learn to identify unsafe cylinders, understand safe policies for filling cylinders and steps to qualify a cylinder for continued service. Our 18-step protocol is the first and only one of its kind and our program has stood the test of the US Courts as the authoritative process! PSI-PCI provides full support for the people we train with inspection tools and technical assistance.

After 30 years in the business, the PSI-PCI program is still the only visual inspector training program in the US recognized by the US Dept. of Transportation, Compressed Gas Association (CGA) and cylinder manufacturers. Since its start in this specialized field, over 32,000 inspectors have received their training from PSI-PCI.  Our trained inspectors are eligible to receive specialty training in the operation of eddy current instruments which are used to identify defects in certain high-pressure cylinders.

Other specialty courses available are the Valve Repair Technician and Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician.

As the gold standard, others will always try to imitate PSI-PCI and our programs, but none can match them!  Tank inspection training is our core business. It is our focus. No one else can provide you the level of experience in professional training, consultation, inspection tools, and full inspection support that PSI-PCI does. That is why we do not offer "cross-overs".  There is simply no comparison to the training you receive from PSI-PCI.  The professional choice is clear-- PSI-PCI is your best source for visual cylinder inspection training. And we don't just say it, we can prove it!

Don't just take our word for it!  Click HERE for an article detailing the industry support and recognition afforded PSI-PCI, Inc.

Interested persons located outside North America are eligible to take PSI-PCI Inspector training by correspondence or from one of our affiliate instructors in various international locations.  Contact our office for more information.

PSI-PCI, Inc. is fully dedicated to the goal of zero explosions of high pressure cylinders.  Our trained inspectors are recognized around the world as the leaders in reaching that goal!

Visit our calendar of classes for training near you or call us for assistance in putting together a class!