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PSI-PCI has experienced great success with our Visual Cylinder Inspection® training due to our passion for providing industry leading training with professionalism and integrity.  When it comes to consulting, you may not always like what you hear - however you will get it straight, factually and without reservation.

For the last 40 years PSI-PCI has committed to taking the high road when it comes to infringements.  And there have been infringements.  But our focus remains on providing the best, most accurate and truthful training related to high pressure cylinders and supporting those that work with them on the PSI-PCI team of professionals.

But there is an elephant in the room and controversy continues.  DEMA is of course the biggest tradeshow of the year for most diving related businesses.  This is no different for PSI-PCI and our support of DEMA for the last 30 plus years has not waivered.  In the past few years another company has started offering an "inspection class" at the show.  PSI-PCI has always believed in legitimate competition.  But it’s time to set the story straight.  Because frankly we are tired of potential customers being defrauded and from the complaints we have received, that is exactly what is happening. 

Despite several cease and desist letters from our trademark attorneys, the owner of the company in question has continued to work diligently to mislead customers.   Contrary to the assertions we hear - there was in fact a serious issue and it had nothing to do with a “falling out”.  It has everything to do with integrity and professionalism.  You can read about this in another article on our website if it is of interest to you:  PSI-PCI - PSI-PCI, Cylinder Inspection Training & Integrity (

Each year this same company has deliberately used our trademarked training title "Visual Cylinder Inspection" to promote an unrelated "course".  He uses our exact title and, when confronted with C&D letters, will simply mix up the words (still a trademark violation) to continue to confuse individuals interested in legitimate training with his cheaper offering.   He always undercuts our course fee by just enough that he doesn’t lose out, but the unsuspecting individual will think they are saving.  In the big picture they are not.  We’ve repeatedly seen him blatantly ignore the C&D letters provided by our attorneys and copy our course descriptions verbatim directly from the PSI-PCI website and use them in listings through his website and other venue websites. 

Maybe to some it will not matter.  But when it comes to cylinder safety and your life support equipment, trusting the company you choose for training should be paramount!  PSI-PCI is still the only company whose training is formally endorsed by the Cylinder Manufacturers; recognized by rule making entities related to cylinders (including USDOT, CGA, and NIOSH) and utilized by so many great companies and organizations that use cylinders in their course of business.  We have trained astronauts and their support teams, scientists, engineers, doctors, policemen, fire fighters, hydro requalifers, first responder and support personnel in many cylinder related industries worldwide.   We provide standalone formal function specific support programs in addition to the Visual Cylinder Inspection® program to meet the Federal requirements for this training.  Our training and support has aided our trained inspectors in litigations, successfully removing them from lawsuits. 

So do not be fooled by the "elephant in the room".  PSI-PCI is your source for world recognized training for Visual Cylinder Inspection®, professional support and consultation.  We invite you to join the PSI-PCI team of professionals!  Sign up today:  PSI-PCI DEMA Show Training Schedule