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What Do You Mean when you say PSI-PCI is the "only recognized" training for visual cylinder inspection?

We at PSI-PCI say this often.  Until recently we have never had to defend or explain what we meant by that statement.  It has always been very clear.  But if you have questions about why we say this, please read on.

PSI-PCI was established over 30 years ago by NOAA fisheries scientist Bill High.  In his quest to provide the most comprehensive visual inspection program available he worked with many different experts in the fields of cylinder manufacturing, metallurgy and other pertinent disciplines.  These included the US DOT and cylinder manufacturers.  While PSI-PCI did not write the rules and regulations applicable to the process, we did gel them down into the 18 Step Protocol that we teach today.  We have taught (and continue to teach) astronauts in the space program, military personnel, cylinder manufacturer quality control personnel, fire service and police dive teams and dive shops around the world.

But what do we really mean when we make our claims to recognition by USDOT, cylinder manufacturers, the Compressed Gas Association and US Courts? Obviously they know who and what PSI-PCI is.  Is there more? 

The answer is YES and there are many examples.  PSI-PCI training is written into a Special Permit (12479) which states you must be a PSI trained inspector to visually inspect that cylinder.  That would indicate that the cylinder manufacturer that submitted the permit, and the USDOT who approved it, recognize the importance of being a properly trained PSI-PCI visual inspector. 

Another example is the publications of Compressed Gas Association recommending the book Inspecting Cylinders as a reference for guidance on visual inspections. PSI-PCI is on the 5th edition of this important book detailing in clear, concise terms information related to visual cylinder inspections. 

Cylinder manufacturers refer individuals to take PSI-PCI training to inspect cylinders. Click the name to review the information provided on their company websites:  Luxfer.

Further the US Courts have, in several cases, determined the reference book, Inspecting Cylinders by PSI-PCI would be the applicable information by which the cases would be tried.  It has been the supporting factor in defense of and prosecution of the parties involved in those cases.

There are many other endorsements and examples we could use to support our claim of being the only recognized training agency for Visual Cylinder Inspection.  But those are the most visible.  So when we say we are recognized as the only trainers for visual inspection of high pressure cylinders, you can see why.